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Accessing our Healing Potential:
Seeking the Way of Ancient Healing


Dr. Janet Piedilato

Saturday, February 10, 2018

9am - 4pm

full payment due upon registration
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at The Journey Within


Gula, ancient Babylonian goddess, facing right holds a scalpel. In her left hand a bandage, sitting in front of her symbolic power animal, the dog. Above is the crescent moon, symbolic of the watery depths of our origin, Essence of Being, Gula.

“I am the physician, I know how to heal…”

Healing? What does that mean? The process of making or becoming sound or healthy again. Becoming well. Is it physical or spiritual healing or are both contained in the essence of healing? Since Decartes humankind has severed the connection between mind, spirit, and body, physical form. Yet is that Truth or is it illusion? What does it really mean to be well? Does this imply visiting a physician who tends solely to form? Does this imply visiting a psychologist who nurtures our psyche? Or is it the minister, priest, or rabbi, the tender of souls, we seek on our journey toward healing? Some may be surprised to learn that healing prior to modernity did imply all of the above. The spiritual healers were the shaman, the priests, and the medicine people of the clan. Their guidance towards health and away from illness was holistic. They viewed being as one without separation.

Janet Piedilato is a transpersonal psychologist, a complementary health care consultant, and an ordained minister. She is a Guiding Voice for Seven Pillars House of Wisdom. She holds a doctorate in biology from New York University and a doctorate in transpersonal psychology from Saybrook University. She took her herbalist training at David Winston's Center for Herbal Studies and partook in studies on Ayurvedic medicine for health care professionals with the Maharishi Ayurvedic University, Fairfield Iowa. Janet holds the distinction of being the first woman practitioner to present shamanic ritual at the Harvard Divinity School Conference on Reinterpreting Shamanism. In private practice she creates complementary therapies incorporating psycho-spiritual techniques, offering relaxation therapy. Janet is the founder of Immaginal a company that grew from her practice of creating scent memory experiences during relaxation therapy protocols. Janet conducts spiritual services and workshop teachings and group support at her residence and retreat, Temenos, an environmental sanctuary and sacred trust, co-founded with her husband and soul mate, Iggy.


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