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British Medium Mavis Pittilla

Mavis Pittilla

Friday,  August 17 - Monday, August 20, 2018

Friday & Monday 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 4pm
Sunday 2 - 6pm
$100 non-refundable deposit due upon registration;
the balance is due July 17, 2018

at The Journey Within


Let Mavis help you deepen your communication and enrich your evidence. She will help you build your power and sustain it.

Learn how to hold a conversation with those in the Spirit World rather than snatch information.

Begin to understand yourself and the strength of your soul and its part in the
communication process. Your confidence will grow and the evidence you will begin
to deliver will be more valuable and often profound.

Mavis' knowledge is second to none; she is an engaging eloquent speaker but she is also a practical, down-to-earth teacher who reaches out to all levels.  Her vast experience ensures that any student will receive the best training possible.

Mavis Pittilla has been a medium for over forty years and has experienced amazing facets of spiritual reality. Her journey began in 1966 on a bright summer day when she saw a male figure build up in the living room at her home. At the time she was very seriously ill having been told that she had only three months to live, the man told her to “go and find a healer or she would not hear the New Year bells.” The shock of this experience and the pursuit of spiritual healing led her to lifetime of dedication to Spiritualism. She initially trained under the tutorship of a gentleman called Mr. Brookes at her local church in Middleton, nr Manchester, but was then taken under the wing of Gordon Higginson the most knowledgeable and inspirational medium of the 20th Century. This was a wonderful grounding and education and it also created a close and lasting friendship with this remarkable man. It was Gordon who introduced her to the Arthur Findlay College in the 1960’s.Thus began an adventure which has seen her work with the Kabbalic Masters on the shores of Galilee a rare experience for anyone, but particularly for a woman with the third eye. She has demonstrated mediumship in South Africa accompanied by a Soweto choir from the shanty towns. She worked in Ireland during the troubles supporting Protestant and Catholic families all feeling the same pain in grief. Indeed she has worked in virtually every country in the world Throughout the years she has been fortunate enough to witness physical mediumship in a way it is unlikely to be seen again. She has seen recognizable figures build from ectoplasm, she has received apports as well as watching them develop in these physical circles. Through the trumpet she has heard direct voice and also has experienced levitation and astral travel. A trance medium herself, she has sat with many trance mediums and helped in their development. Her great passion is teaching whether it be the fundamentals or advanced mediumship. She provides master classes for tutors and indeed has been instrumental in helping to develop many of the younger mediums currently working in this country and abroad. The author of the book ‘Mavis with Spirit,’ she has recorded numerous CDs including ‘The Spirit Within’ and has also appeared on several television programs.

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