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Interpreting Dreams with Kevin Todeschi


Saturday, February 18, 2023
10am – 12pm Eastern time
$25 no refunds

Everyone dreams but few individuals are aware of the fact that their dreams often provide accurate and detailed counsel into every area of your life. Not only physical, mental, and spiritual guidance but also accurate personal guidance related to relationships, work, health, finances – even your future. 

This webinar will examine personal, cultural, and archetypal symbols, and then guide you through how identifying a dream’s ‘theme’ greatly simplifies its interpretation. The program will also explore some of the dreams interpreted by the Edgar Cayce readings and provide participants with a proven step-by-step approach to dream interpretation.

In addition to looking at some dreams from the Cayce archives, you will examine real-life dreams and be walked through a step-by-step approach to their interpretation. In addition, you will learn a psychic game that will enable you to obtain waking dream guidance on virtually any question imaginable.

Led by Kevin Todeschi, who is the author of The BEST Dream Book Ever, you will discover how to simplify and work with even the most complicated dreams.

All students will receive a link to the class recording once available.

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