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The Divergent Medium
Diversity in Your Work
Divergent: (adjective) - differing and deviating


International Medium Tony Stockwell

Friday, October 30 - Tuesday, November 3, 2020

12 - 5pm Eastern time/ 5 - 10pm UK
each day
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$285 US dollars
payment due upon registration - no refunds



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The Journey Within


A seminar of Mediumship Development from Tony Stockwell, exploring the way you already work and the way that YOU CAN work. Often as Mediums we continue to work in a set way, often learned from our tutors who learned from their tutors before, this way becomes the staple of our Mediumship. It can be scary to break the cycle, but that is the aim of this seminar. However, it could be that you are missing something that could set your mediumship alight and take it to a whole new level. This seminar will inspire you to look at and embrace new ways to work within your mediumship. You will look at stimulating Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience and also look how working empathically can play a major role in your messages. You will also look to break down the existing patterns you work to in the evidence you bring, and how stepping outside of that can open whole new doors to bringing the Spirit world to life in your readings and demonstrations. It can be scary with uncertainty to try work in a way outside of our comfort zone, but it can also be liberating, exciting and a great confidence booster.

This course is full of new challenges and guidance. Tony is an extremely experienced tutor and demonstrator of Mediumship and he will share his wealth of knowledge with you through practical exercises, tutorial and talks. The aim of this course is to offer as much practical time as possible, where you will get to put into practice, working with your fellow attendees, all that which Tony is discussing and instructing. There are many techniques that can aid the evidence you receive and perceive and are able to include in your Spirit messages. You will also look at your connection to the Spirit World and how that can be nurtured and maintained, and how your awareness whilst working can be make or break your messages.

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