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Minister Janet Nohavec & Journey Within Ministers


The Journey Within Church offers a two year path of training to Ordination as a Missionary Spiritualist Minister. This process is thorough and respected and will have the candidate feel they have been prepared for their individual path as a Spiritualist Minister.

The course takes place via monthly teleconference training and lectures on an extensive amount of topics involved in becoming a Minister.

Suitability to our program is determined after an extensive interview and application are submitted by the candidate. Almost 95 percent of the candidates who apply will be accepted to the program if their intent is in accordance with the role of a minister in our Spiritualist religion. The Journey Within is open to various and diverse life-styles and backgrounds and believe all of us are children of the same God.

Upon completion of the training and the submission of required course work, the candidate will be ordained in a ceremony at The Journey Within Church.

Our Ministers will have the knowledge basis and support to open their own centers and churches, this has already taken place in several states in the United States. Our Ministers perform weddings, funerals, baby namings and hospice work as just a few of there responsibilities as a minister.

Support and further training is open and encouraged to the new Minister once ordained. A new group of candidates will be accepted yearly, with training beginning in January.

The Ordination is by The Journey Within Church.

Once the candidate has completed and forwarded their application and has had their interview, they will be notified of acceptance to our program. The annual fee of $750.00 per year for the two year program may be made in payments.

Some of the areas and topics to be covered:

* Prayer
* Weddings
* Funerals
* Baby Namings
* Hospice and Prison work
* Formation of a church/the running of a church
* Spiritualist Healing/Mediumship
* The History of Spiritualism
* The Principles of Spiritualism
* Public Speaking
* The Wholeness/wellbeing and Healing of the Ministerial Candidate
* Rituals
* Comparative Religions
* Community aspects of a Church/Center

To request an application to the Ministerial Program, please either mail or email us. Please include the following information: MINISTERIAL TRAINING APPLICATION REQUEST, name, mailing address, phone number(s), & email. If you mail us the information, please be very sure to PRINT CLEARLY.

Mailing address:

The Journey Within
25 Carr St
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442
RE: Ministerial Training Application Request

(subject: Ministerial Training Application Request)

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