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Rev. Janet Nohavec Biography

Rev. Janet Nohavec



Janet Nohavec
was born and raised in Northern, New Jersey. A medium since birth, she has conscious memories of spirit communication since the age of 4. As a young adult, Janet entered religious life and spent five years as a catholic nun. After leaving the convent, she felt drawn to work with her mediumship and received extensive training to polish her gift. She now teaches and demonstrates mediumship internationally. She is co-founder of the Journey Within School for Mediumship. She is also pastor and founder of The Journey Within A Center for Spiritual Evolvement, Inc. She has appeared and demonstrated her mediumship live on numerous radio programs and has been the focus of several newspaper articles. Janet treasures the gift of her mediumship and proves extremely evidentially the continuation of life after death. She continues to reside in New Jersey where her school, church and private practice thrive.

Mediumistic Readings with Rev. Janet Nohavec
Appointments may be made for a mediumistic reading with gifted spiritualist and internationally acclaimed medium Rev. Janet Nohavec.

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