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Private Readings

The Journey Within has private appointments available with the following mediums.  All sessions are done by appointment only.  To schedule a session, please call The Journey Within office at 973-616-9685.  There is someone in the office for scheduling Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 12 - 6pm eastern US time.



Eugenia Bushman

Eugenia Bushman:

Eugenia Bushman is a gifted medium and psychic with over 30 years experience. She started as a medium some months after her grandfather passed away. A profound experience occurred while talking with her father. Eugenia became increasingly aware of the presence of a spirit which “felt” familiar. She talked to the spirit; it was the spirit of her grandfather. Granddad reassured her with at touch and she passed on the message that he wished to impart to the family. This is when Eugenia and her family became deeply aware of her mediumistic abilities.

Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, she began learning the healing and metaphysical arts at the age of nine. Trained by professionals, Eugenia has a variety of esoteric knowledge. Her unique and sensitive blending of her talents in mediumship, numerology, and tarot will provide you with a rare, rewarding and informative experience.

In addition to her metaphysical studies, Eugenia is a certified hypno-counselor with the National Guild of Hypnotists and a certified holistic healer with the Ecumenical Society of Psychorientology (Silva).

Eugenia's sessions are a half hour long and are $60.  At your choice, they can be all mediumship, all psychic, (Tarot cards and/or scrying), or a combination of the two.

Eugenia will do a hour session provided it is half mediumship and half psychic, (Tarot cards and/or scrying).  An hour session is $120.

Eugenia is available for sessions Monday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

Eugenia does sessions both in person and by phone.  Prepayment by money order is required for phone sessions.  The money order is to be made payable to 'Eugenia Bushman' and mailed to The Journey Within, 25 Carr St, Pompton Lakes, NJ  07442.


Pamela Meredith

Pamela Meredith:

Pamela Meredith is a member of The Journey Within. She has trained with Janet Nohavec and teachers from the Arthur Findlay College of Mediumship in England for more than since 2001.

In addition she studied with Caroline Myss and James Van Praagh. Pam Meredith is also a licensed Occupational Therapist and a member of The Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. She combines a solid background in anatomy, physiology, psychology and human rehabilitation with complementary and alternative practices.

Pam's sessions are a half hour long and are $60.  At your choice, they can be all mediumship, all psychic, or a combination of the two.

Pam will do a hour session provided it is half mediumship and half psychic.  An hour session is $120.

Pam is available for sessions Wednesday evenings.

At this time Pam only does sessions in person.


Dale first noticed she was “different” as a child when she was able to see spirits.  She has spent her life with visitations and communications, simply accepting this as normal.

Currently, she is honored to be a member, a platform/reading medium, and a spiritual healer at The Journey Within, alongside her number one mentor, Rev. Janet Nohavec.

Dale is a member of the Spiritualists’ National Union International where she is currently completing the Platform Accreditation Scheme.  She is also privileged to partcipate in continued studies with the Reverends Simon James and Brian Robertson of The Inner Quest Foundation, Reverend Joseph Shiel III of Lily Dale, NY, as well as with Officiant Eammon Downey and Tony Stockwell SNU ... all of whose teachings she resonates with.

Dale holds a BA with a minor in Psychology and an MA+40.  She has facilitated and presented workshops in the practice of effective instruction for over 20 years.  She has completed and presented workshops in Brain Development Research, and in the use of Right Brain Hemispheric Dominance.

Dale is a firm believer that “dark entities” and “attachments” are the psyosomatic fears and stresses that people experience on this earth...illness of mind, emotion and body.  She strives to allay any fear in spirituality.

Dale offers her talents as a Spiritual Medium and Intuitive Energy Reader, with the true belief in Spiritualism aligned with philosophy, science and religion...along with the development of high morals and ethics within this work.

Her goal is to provide evidence of the continuation of the individual soul beyond physical death...and in the act of spiritual be the “channel of God's peace”.

Dale's sessions are a half hour long and are $60.  At your choice, they can be all mediumship, all psychic, or a combination of the two.

Dale is available for sessions the first Monday evenings of the month.

At this time Dale only does sessions in person.


Dawn Pfeufer

Dawn Pfeufer:

Dawn's a nature & animal-loving artist who loves to explore new things. She fell in love with art at a very early age and enjoys using her artistic abilities in all areas of her life. 

Dawn is a Psychic & Evidential Medium also a spirit artist and takes it very seriously.  She's been blessed to have studied under and work with the best Spiritualist mediums/tutors and had the good fortune of experiencing the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in England several times.

Dawn is an active member of The Journey Within church as an accomplished spirit artist medium. She demonstrates platform mediumship at several Spiritualists churches in the U.S and in the U.K. Her work has been published, including Psychic News Magazine. 

She is taking private appointments both at The Journey Within and in the community. Outside of New Jersey or out of the United States, Skype, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Phone, and Zoom are available for readings.



The Journey Within is also pleased to have visiting mediums come and offer private sessions throughout the year.

Please go to the visiting medium page for information on our visiting mediums.

Thank you for your interest.


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