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Private Appointments with Mediums visiting The Journey Within:

Tom Cratsley Joseph Shiel
Stella Upton Steven Upton


Tom Cratsley


Tom CratsleyTom Cratsley has worked in the fields of counseling, spiritual healing and teaching for over 30 years and is the creator and developer of the Restructuring method of accessing, releasing, and transforming unconscious resistance patterns.

He is an ordained minister with Fellowships of the Spirit and for the past 10 years he has served as associate director of their School of Healing and Prophecy. While at Harvard Divinity School Tom was inspired to direct his attention to matters of the human heart and the possibilities of growth and transformation through development of the spiritual dimensions of the heart. Since then he has created numerous classes and workshops to support others in exploring the vast dimensions, and extraordinary healing potentials of the heart.

Tom's website

Tom usually visits us in the spring; please watch our program of events for his timing.  He has half hour healing sessions for $75 and one hour restructuring sessions for $150.

Stella Upton

Stella Upton

Stella Upton, CSNU has been aware of the spirit world since being a small child. When very young she thought her mother had many visitors to the house, and only later realized these ‘visitors’ were actually spirits. She was then certain of life after death. At age 14 Stella began to develop her mediumship. She spent several years in church development groups and attended the Arthur Findlay College for eight years, becoming a tutor there in 1998. Since taking her first church service in 1990, she regularly does mediumship demonstrations, and private sittings. A more recent development is the painting of auragraphs. Along with teaching at the Arthur Findlay College, Stella has also worked with students throughout the UK and abroad, teaching relaxation, meditation, awareness, color, spirit art, paranormal phenomena and evidential mediumship.

Stella's website

Stella will be visiting us in late March/early April. She has half hour mediumship, spiritual assessment or auragraph sessions for $125.

auragraph by Stella


An auragraph is a pictoral representation of your life, past present and potential future. It is hand drawn by Stella on A4 watercolour art paper and the symbology contained within it is then 'read' by her. The information can be similar to a spiritual consultation in that it is about you and can give you guidance on your potential.




Steven Upton

Steven Upton


Minister Steven Upton is a minister and Vice-President of Britain’s Spiritualists' National Union (SNU), from which he has received numerous diplomas, awards, and special certificates. He has been involved with the Spiritualist movement since 1971. Steven started developing his healing mediumship in 1977 and over the following 17 years practiced this on a regular basis in a number of SNU Churches. He attended the SNU's world famous Arthur Findlay College and later became a teacher and tutor there. Steven is well regarded a one of the world’s leading trance teachers.

Steven's website

Steven will be visiting us in late March/early April. He has half hour healing sessions for $75.

Joseph Shiel

Joseph Shiel

Joseph Shiel has known the presence of Spirit in his life since he was an infant. After years of struggle with misunderstanding the incredible value of his gifts, he emerged to embrace his talents as a Medium, Healer and Spiritual Counselor.  

He has worked with world renowned teachers in Catholicism, Spiritualism, Buddhism and other spiritual modalities to enhance and utilize his natural abilities.  He continues to develop and use his gifts to a high level of integrity to serve others and honor God's Grace.  Joseph commits himself fully to the communication with Spirit by being factual and evidential. He works to enhance and educate everyone to have an understanding of the importance of  this life and the continuity of life hereafter.

Joseph is an expressive artist who with guidance from Spirit has been able  to draw likenesses of loved ones who have passed on to the Spirit plane. These drawings are recognizable and usually quite accurate. After their session, clients have graciously provided Joseph with photographs of their loved ones to confirm and show his accuracy.

After leaving the Catholic seminary before ordination some years ago, Joseph searched tirelessly to understand his gifts and find a place to further develop his talents in order to seve for the good of God and all. He has been blessed to have worked with hundreds of people to ease their burdens and pain. Joseph has devoted his life to service of Spirit and all those who seek God's Love.

Joseph has earned his place as a Registered Medium in Lily Dale, New York and he is the former President of the Church of the Living Spirit, the largest Spiritualist church in the US.  He travels to serve one week a month at the Journey Within Church in Pompton Lakes, NJ, where he teaches classes and sees clients. Joseph is also traveling to serve people across the United States, Canada and Great Britain.  Joseph continues his work as a lecturer, teacher and seer to inspire all to open their hearts and minds to the truth of God's Love.  Joseph continues a strong association with higher learning at the Arthur Findlay College and the SNUI in Stansted, England.

Joseph  is a Chaplain, Usui Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor, Motivational Speaker, award winning teacher, poet, musician, and artist. He makes his home in Lily Dale, New York but spends much of the off season traveling to teach classes and give readings.

Joseph visits us in March and in the fall.  Please see below for information on his readings.  If you need more explanation or help deciding which reading is best for you please call his assistant Chris at 716-785-9849.

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(These consist of spoken information only - No Drawings)

1/2 hour $125
1 hour $250


1/2 hour $125
1 hour $250


1/2 hour $125
1 hour $250

OTHER COMBINATION SESSIONS: All require a 1 Hour session $250
Psychic with Spiritual Advisement
Psychic with Spiritual Assessment
Mediumship with Spiritual Advisement
Spiritual Advisement with Spiritual Assessment

An All Mediumship Reading during which Joseph also draws the likeness of a departed loved-one encountered during the reading, without the use of photographs and without possessing any prior knowledge of any of their characteristics. Requires a 1 hour appointment $300.
Please note: The Spirit Portrait session is NOT the preferred reading if you are seeking Psychic messages intended to offer guidance related to life situations or obstacles that you may be facing with regard to career, relationships, health, finances and matters as they pertain to your life's direction or your spiritual path.


• Family readings are offered to members of the immediate family only.
• Family Readings consist of ALL MEDIUMSHIP message work (connecting with your loved-ones in Spirit) for the purposes of providing evidence of the continuity of life and are offered with or without a Spirit Portrait.
• If any of your family group wish to receive Psychic messages intended to provide clarity and direction for situations and obstacles they may be facing, we recommend an individual reading.

2 family members:
1 hour Mediumship Reading without a Spirit Portrait - $250
1 hour Mediumship Reading with a Spirit Portrait - $300

3 Family Members:
Mediumship reading without a Spirit Portrait - $350 (90 Minutes)
Mediumship reading with a Spirit Portrait - $400 (90 Minutes)

Add $50 for each additional Family Member.




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