Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities I


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Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities I is an online downloadable video module. The video file is quite large and you will need to be patient as it may take a while to download. Downloadable links are valid for six months so please be sure to download the file within this period and keep it somewhere safe for future viewing.

Enhancing Your Psychic Abilities I
With International Mediums John Holland & Janet Nohavec

We all have psychic ability. Come and investigate the ways you can use your psychic faculties in your own life and in all aspects of our physical/spiritual journey of life. You will understand the terminology and awareness of intuitive and telepathic senses, subtle but always present. Come and broaden your experience of this faculty of self.

Important topics to be included are:
*The chakras and how they play a role in our psychic abilities
*Color and Awareness
*Developing Intuition
*The Power of Telepathy
*Creating rapport with another person
*Meditation and our Interior World
*Being aware of our Sensory pathways
*Reading and being aware of Energy

This class has been specifically created for psychic students of all levels. Whether you are new to Psychic Development, or an advanced student or a working psychic- this class will enhance your current abilities. Spend two special and informative hours with well-known psychic/mediums who have been working for years on stage, doing private readings, and teaching across the US and world!

2 hours