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A Spiritualists' National Union Church
Reverend Janet Nohavec

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The Journey Within Spiritualists’ National Union Church was founded in 1996 by its Pastor, the Reverend Janet Nohavec.  It is the first church in the United States of America to be affiliated with the Spiritualists’ National Union based in the United Kingdom.  Most other American Spiritualist Churches are affiliated with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

A place to GROW

Come visit us in our beautiful home
A church of our own
A Spiritual Oasis
A Dream come true
A place to grow and Be
Blessed by God and the Angels
A place to search for the Truth within
your own heart

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We offer many different services, many events which we hope you will find of interest.  In addition we offer pastoral care.

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The Seven Principles

  1. The Father/Motherhood of God
  2. The Brother and Sisterhood of Man
  3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
  4. The Continuous Existance of the Human Soul
  5. Personal Responsibility
  6. Compensation and Retribution Hereafter For All the Good and Evil Deeds Done On Earth
  7. Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul

Spiritualists’ National Union

Spiritualists’ National Union International

Emma Hardinge Britten (2 May 1823 – 2 October 1899) was a medium and gifted orator and it was during her many speeches in trance state, that ‘spirit communicators’ gave various statements of faith. This resulted in the creation of the Seven Principles of Modern Spiritualism in the UK.

School of Mediumship
at Journey Within

Our diary of events if full with workshops and classes with our resident mediums and also a great selection of events with visiting international mediums – we have something for everyone – take a closer look.
We have a selection of ongoing weekly classes and groups for mediumship development, healing and oporunities for you to practice in a safe, comforable environment.

Come join one of our workshops and see how we can further your development.

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Have you considered our
Ministerial Program?

The Journey Within Church offers a two year path of training to Ordination as a Missionary Spiritualist Minister. This process is thorough and respected and will have the candidate feel they have been prepared for their individual path as a Spiritualist Minister.



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01mar7:30 pmZoomWeekly Journey to Your Soul classPlease book in advance

01mar7:30 pmZoomWeekly Advanced Mediumship Class - Monday EveningsPlease book in advance

02mar7:30 pmZoomWeekly Beginners Mediumship classPlease book in advance

02mar7:30 pmZoomWeekly Intermediate Mediumship Class - Tuesday EveningsPlease book in advance

02mar7:30 pmZoomWeekly Healers' GatheringPlease book in advance

04mar10:00 amZoomThe Message that Heals with Janet ParkerPlease book in advance

04mar7:30 pmZoomWeekly Psychic Development ClassPlease book in advance

05mar7:30 pmZoomWeekly Mediumship Practice ClassPlease book in advance

06mar(mar 6)10:00 amZoomThe Healing Voice Within Trance with David SchiesserPlease book in advance

06mar10:00 amZoomMediumship - New Heights with Chris DrewPlease book in advance

06mar10:00 amZoomThe Power of an Evidential Message from Spirit with Val WilliamsPlease book in advance

06mar2:00 pmZoomWhere Two Worlds Meet with Paul Jacobs & Janet NohavecA Demonstration of Mediumship

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