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Journey Within

The Journey Within Spiritualists’ National Union Church was founded in 1996 by the Reverend Janet Nohavec.  It is the first church in the United States of America to be affiliated with the Spiritualists’ National Union based in the United Kingdom.  Most other American Spiritualist Churches are affiliated with the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

Come visit us in our beautiful home
A church of our own
A Spiritual Oasis
A Dream come true
A place to grow and Be
Blessed by God and the Angels
A place to search for the Truth within
your own heart

A Message from Rev. Joseph Shiel:

It is with reverence and honor that I humbly find myself accepting the responsibilities and tremendous gifts as Pastor of this most extraordinary community, a Church of compassionate and generous people.

The Journey Within has been my second home for over 15 years and I have watched it grow through love and storms yet the strength and resolve of Rev. Janet Nohavec and an amazingly dedicated team of talented ministers in their own rite have helped its presence grow and become a bedrock of Spiritualism all over the world.

My journey is one of many experiences, religious endeavors and ministry for over 30 years and I find myself humbled and grateful to carry the mantle of this great Church.

Our aim is to continue to grow, lead, teach, ordain and pronounce the Truth and Love of Spiritualism in its most integral way to bring hope, vision and faith to All!

I believe if anyone has ever wondered or struggled with faith in God, with the love of God or with the questions of a life beyond our human existence, then worry no more.

You have found your Home.

In Community,

Rev. Joe

Financial Committee

  • Patricia Moran
  • Karen Rugar

Advisory Council

  • Madeline Bogden
  • Ed Mercuro
  • Eugenia Bushman

Journey Within Board

  • Rev. Patricia Moran, Director
  • Karen Rugar, Assistant Director
  • Rev. Joseph Shiel, Pastor
  • Greg Lance
  • James Kropkowski
  • Rita Kropkowski
  • Sarah Nohavec
  • Thomas Regenauer
  • Patti Lehman, Hope Harvey & Joseph Villani, Honorary, (inactive)

The Journey Within Hands of Love Charitable Works

We are always collecting non-perishable food items and clothing. After Thanksgiving we begin collecting new, unwrapped children’s toys for the Toys for Tots and Letters from Santa.

please also see our ‘Charitable Links’ page.

Friends of the Journey Within

As many of you know, much hard work has gone into establishing our beautiful new home.  A church like none-other.  The goal is to help it grow into a true center of learning and unfoldment, as well as a place of solitude and prayer.  We can only attain this through the help of our friends, those who believe in the Vision.
All donations are greatly appreciated and tax-deductible.

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