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The Brothers Motif


The Brothers Motif is an online downloadable video module. The video file is quite large and you will need to be patient as it may take a while to download. Downloadable links are valid for six months so please be sure to download the file within this period and keep it somewhere safe for future viewing.


The Brothers Motif – & the Fight Between Good & Evil

with International Medium Leonard Tatt

The place of good and evil in our lives and how it unfolds on the spiritual journey as depicted by the story of Jacob and Esau. This wonderful story contains so much that can help us on our spiritual journey. Every tradition seems to start with two brothers – Thor and Loki – Romulus and Remus the Son of God and Satan, to name but a few. The story of Jacob and Esau explains the reason for this and gives us an indication of the role that evil plays in our lives.

1 1/2 hours


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