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Mediumship & the Bible


Mediumship & the Bible is an online downloadable video module. The video file is quite large and you will need to be patient as it may take a while to download. Downloadable links are valid for six months so please be sure to download the file within this period and keep it somewhere safe for future viewing.


Mediumship & the Bible

with International Medium Leonard Tatt

There are many examples of mediumship in the bible which we can learn from not just to help us understand the people involved but also our own mediumistic and spiritual journey. This lecture will look at the various ways that God shows his presence in the world and then go onto look at the prophets of the Old Testament, their call and the work that they do which often comes up against great opposition. Special attention being given to Moses, Daniel, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Elijah who has a special place in Jewish mysticism. We will then go on to look at the mediumship found in the New Testament which is something quite different to what we find today in modern Spiritualism but has a special message for us, which is one of hope and spiritual mastery. The Bible can be an unrivalled resource which can help us understand our own spiritual journey if used properly.

2 hours


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