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Path to Mediumship with Tony Stockwell

thu21jan(jan 21)12:00 pmsun24(jan 24)4:00 pmPath to Mediumship with Tony StockwellPlease book in advance

Event Details

Path to Mediumship

with International Medium Tony Stockwell

Thursday, January 21 – Sunday, January 24, 2021
12 – 5pm Thursday – Saturday
11am – 4pm SundayEastern time

$285 no refunds

An exciting new development seminar focusing on evidential mediumship and how to be the best possible channel you can be for spirit communication, both in demonstrating and in 1-2-1 (private reading) situations.
The aim will be to explore the different ways evidence within a message can come to you and how the different ways of working can conjoin together in each contact to make a fuller representation of the spirit person. It is about bringing spirit to life, adding color and depth to your contacts and building a picture of a loved one in spirit as a whole, rather than individual snippets of evidence. This is a course for the courageous; those that want to stand up and represent spirit to the best of their ability. “Path to Mediumship” is a course of tuition, practical work and assessment employing exercises and techniques that you can use in your own mediumship.

The course will include:

That Which A Medium Perceives – As a medium connects to spirit a wealth of detail is available to be PERCIEVED about the life, physicality, personality and passing condition of the communicator. This information is there to be acquired, a treasure trove of evidence for the medium to delve into with the aim of passing on great evidence to the recipient of any message. The evidence which is perceived in a message can be astoundingly accurate; the only limitations are often that which the medium places on themselves and their work. It’s important to know that which is perceived will often differ from that which the communicator in the next world may choose to pass on.

That Which A Medium Receives – There needs to come a point in any message where the medium moves on from perceived facts and gets to a point where the communication is now RECEIVED, showing the absolute intelligence behind the spirit and the continued existence and progression of our loved ones after physical death. This can be a revelation, the human mind and the spirit mind connecting and communicating intelligently offering a flow of information that comes from the very being of the person in spirit. It can often be the most powerful part of any communication. This can be enlightening, healing and often very moving, whilst still being evidential.

Stimulating and Using Your Mediumship Faculties – Here you will look at the three main tools in the mediums’ arsenal, Clairsentience – Feeling the information, Clairvoyance – Seeing the information, Clairaudience – Hearing the information. Mediumship for most consist of some or all of these to varying degrees, but each can be used and stimulated to become a regular part of your mediumistic messages. Tony believes that it’s possible for EVERY medium to draw upon all three faculties and has designed exercises to stimulate these within your own work.

• This is a seminar for those of mixed levels but would not be suitable for those new to mediumship and psychic development, so no absolute beginners please. All attendees must have had experience in working on their own development using their psychic and mediumistic faculties.


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